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Frequently Asked Questions


Last modified: June 10th, 2014

How many bands can I deal with one username?

You can create just one act with one username, but you are free to create as many usernames as you need. If you need multiple accounts with one username go and check Music Kickup Label Tools here

Why do I need to verify my act?

Music Kickup is designed for real acts and musicians. To be able to use Music Kickup your act needs to have some online presence. This is to limit fraudulent use of the service.

How can distribution be free?

Because it should be free. For us the question was never about why should it be free - it was always a question of why the hell are people paying for it!
As an industry we’re leaking hundreds of millions of euros/dollars/pounds away from the industry to third party companies - companies that are not returning these profits to rotation. This had to change. For us this change comes naturally.

The whole Music Kickup service is built out of many pieces - there the Distribution platform is just one. The necessity drives this business choice - it is for the greater good of the industry. We have been able to incur the costs of running this distribution service to other parts of our company services and profits. By doing this enabling one of the most disruptive and powerful music services ever to be built. We think that’s pretty damn cool!

What is a “release”?

A 'release' is what you submit to the retailers. You can submit a single, an EP, or a full length album, but your submission is referred to as a release.

Do I own the rights to the music?

The creator of a piece of music (such as a song) is the holder of all of the copyrights and other equivalent rights to that piece of music (unless the creator has transferred these rights to others). The original creator of a piece of music holds the copyrights to the actual piece of music, whilst performing artists and producers are the holders of the copyrights to recordings containing a performance of a particular piece of music.

So If you made it and didn't copy it, you have copyright to it. Sorry for the law jargon there.

For the purposes of digital distribution, you must be the owner or controller of all of the necessary rights to all recordings you submit through the service. This is because only the holder of the rights to the recordings is allowed to make copies of them and to make them available to the public. If you are unsure about whether or not you have given away any of the relevant rights to the recordings you wish to release through the service, please check with your label, manager, or otherwise before using the service.

If you dont and they find out, they will be very very very angry.

In case of any illegal content uploads we will always side with the rightful holder of rights to that content.

Am I giving Music Kickup any rights to my music?

Only the holder of the relevant rights to a recording is allowed to make copies of it and to make it available to the public. In order to distribute your music through the service, you will need to give us as well as our partners the right to create copies of your music as well as to make your music available to the public. For digital distribution purposes, you will need to give us the right to do so on an exclusive basis, limited, however, to the retailers of your choosing and to the content being released to the retailer. So you are only giving us the rights per content you release through us to the retailers of your choosing. This is because our digital distribution partners will only accept music to which you have given us certain exclusive rights. A detailed description of these rights can be found in the licensing agreement, that you should read through carefully before signing up to the service.

Before uploading any of your music to the service you should make sure that you have not transferred any of the relevant rights exclusively to anyone else, and that you do not choose any of your music to be digitally distributed by any retailers that already distributes that particular music.

If you don't, we will be very very very angry and we will write you and tell you how angry we are.

Can I submit releases for Digital Distribution through my label's account?

Yes, we would love to see your label around. Check out Music Kickup Label Tools here and sign up today.

Is my music guaranteed to go live in all of the retail stores?

No. Each retailer has the right to refuse your release. Common reasons for rejection of a release include the recording/cover art being poor in quality, for example the cover art image is pixelated or the song files are corrupt or distorted. Also remember that snippet and sample sounds are not songs and thus are not allowed in the store. But don’t worry - we keep an eye on these :)

What format does my songs have to be in?

We can currently accept files in WAV and AIFF format (44.1Khz, 16 bit samples, no compression).

Do you provide ISRC and UPC codes for free for all distributions made by Kickup?

Yes, we will generate all necessary codes, for free.

How do I withdraw my money?

Via PayPal. PayPal takes processing and transaction fee that is 2% of the payment.

If I have a song already distributed as a single by another aggregator, can I still use the same song, master-recording and ISRC in a new distribution of an album with Music Kickup?

Of course you can, but be aware that you cannot distribute the same release by several aggregators. Duplicates are very no no.

I want to takedown my album. What shall I do and how much it costs?

Sometimes there might be a good reason to takedown the release. It’s very simple. Just go to your dashboard, click the release you want to take down and press “Takedown”. And yes, it’s free as well. Anyways, taking down and then re-releasing the same release is very no no.

My music is on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Should I remove them when I am dealing with Music Kickup.

No. Feel free to use all the channels you want that are not using through Music Kickup

How you're supposed to make a living if you distribute for free and take no percentage?

Music Kickup Distribution is just one part of a larger ecosystem that we offer for artists, labels and managers where we generate or revenue. Don't you worry, we know what we're doing! Or as Kimi would say "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing!" :)

If my question isn't answered here, how can I receive help?

You can find a lot of answers by clicking through in Music Kickup services. Also, for additional answers or feedback you can drop us a line to

Got any other questions? Don’t hesitate to send an email to


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